Estrada College is a leading national trainer in vocational education (certificate, diploma, advanced diploma). Our focus is on assisting you gain a qualification to progress your career. But it’s how we go about it that makes Estrada different.

Estrada bases its training and support around its Seven Principles of Difference. These principles define our approach to training. They are:

  1. Understanding. What we do is tailored around an understanding of our student’s needs. We understand that you’re balancing competing needs in your life, of which education is just one; that you may not have studied for a while; that you may have doubts about your ability to pass; or that English isn’t your first language.
  2. Focus. We have a strong learner-centric focus. That means we put you – the learner – at the centre of everything we do. Most institutions are ‘course’ focussed, so you’re endlessly bending to their rules. At Estrada, we place you at the centre, providing options and flexibility that make learning less stressful and more achievable.
  3. Environment. Your environment dramatically affects your ability to learn. Happy learners are good learners. Our objective is to create a positive, supportive learning environment where you can thrive.
  4. Curriculums.- Have you ever tried to learn something that you saw no point to? We dislike that as much as you do. Our curriculums are carefully designed so they ‘make sense’ – they’re written in plain English; incorporate lots of examples; are applicable in the real world; and not needlessly complicated.
  5. Support. Support is always at hand. We know that at times education can get isolating. So we ensure that whether you choose to learn in-class or online (or any blend), support is always available.
  6. Pathways. Many of our graduates go on to higher studies. Estrada has relationships and articulation arrangements with universities. So if you decide to progress your education you’ll get recognition for your completed studies.
  7. Linkage. Estrada works hard to build industry linkage so you enjoy diverse placement opportunities and optimal employment outcomes.

Learning & Teaching Philosophy

The Estrada teaching philosophy is learner-centric, meaning we put you at the centre of everything we do. The manner and style you learn is as unique as your fingerprint. In today’s “one size fits all” approach to teaching, Estrada stands alone as the educator focussed on tailoring its teaching methodology to fit your preferred learning style.

Our learner-centric approach is carried throughout our curriculum development, program resources, delivery approach, teaching modes, support systems, assessments – and even our teacher selection.

Many Estrada students may not have studied for a while and are concerned about their ability to succeed. Our supportive learner-centric approach taps into your abilities and maximises your chances for success.


Happy learners are successful learners. That’s our mantra.

Your ability to learn begins with your environment. Even gifted students, placed in a poor learning environment, will struggle. Acknowledging that happy learners are more successful, Estrada aims to provide you with an enjoyable environment.

Flexible Delivery Options

Our lives today are busier than ever. We understand that life can be a balancing act. Learning today needs to fit around your competing obligations. Estrada has a national network of campuses to support your learning needs. But we also deliver our programs externally and online. These varied delivery options allow you to choose your preferred method – or even blend them.

Relevant Learning

You don’t hear Estrada students saying “I’ll never use that in the real world.”

When content is relevant, it’s easier to understand and more enjoyable. If you don’t understand why you’re learning something it won’t stick. So we carefully develop our programs for the real world – the world you’ll apply your new knowledge in when you’re out in the field.

Our teachers and tutors are scrutineered for their real-world experience and their ability to relate that experience to your learning. Our programs incorporate relevant case studies and scenarios so you can relate what you do in class to what you’ll do in the field.

The final objective to learning is employment, and Estrada graduates are amongst the most job-ready of any institution in the country.

Beyond Learning

Life can be like a game of chess. To succeed you need to think beyond a single move, preferably several moves ahead. Now that you’re thinking about your education, you also need to be thinking beyond that - to employment and career advancement.

Estrada programs are designed to equip you with real-world skills. This makes the transition from learning to earning so much easier.

Many Estrada graduates progress on to University as a means to further their careers. Our courses articulate to Australian Universities. This means that your educational and financial investment at Estrada will serve you well when if you decide to progress on to higher level studies.

Facilities, Services & Support


Estrada has campuses in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Sydney, Port Macquarie, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth. We also service Tasmania and Northern Territory. Each campus is designed to maximise your learning. All your needs are catered for, including study resources, amenities, teachers and tutors.

Online Learning

Getting to campus can be difficult when balancing other demands on your time. You’ll have 24-hour access to the state of the art Estrada eCampus. All your course resources, notes and assessments are available online. You can also join online forums to network with other students, and communicate with your lecturer for academic support. Even if you choose to study online, you’ll never feel alone.


Whether you’re learning on campus or online, you’ll have access to extensive support services. These include your lecturer and tutor while on campus; as well as our Toll Free Study Assistance Help Line, email and forum support while studying externally. Our extensive academic and administrative support services mean you can progress through your course worry free, knowing support is at hand whenever required.

Student Welfare

Maintaining your health while studying is crucial to your success. If you experience difficulties in your personal life or the stress and anxiety associated with academic study, there are services available to you, including counselling.


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